Colposcopy - DySIS

DySIS Colposcope

Until now, all colposcopes have been designed the same way and allow the clinician to simply view the cervix to manually assess the aceto-whitening process. The DySIS Colposcope changes that paradigm.

Conventional colposcopy is difficult and subjective. Solving these problems required much more than an incremental change. It required a radical breakthrough in understanding the bio-chemical interactions on the cervix combined with a highly innovative approach.

DySIS measures the aceto-whitening phenomenon. It differs from traditional colposcopes by measuring aceto-whitening automatically, producing the DySISmap which assists the clinician to diagnosis, biopsy and treatment if needed.

Attending a Colposcopy appointment can be an anxious time, but rest assured that if your physician is using DySIS then you can relax. DySIS includes a new technology called Dynamic Spectral Imaging that takes accurate measurements through the course of the examination. The results are summarized in the form of map - the DySISmap - Which you can ask to see. Your physician will discuss the results with you and determine the best next steps.

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